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Welcome to ScratchyTunes.com, a music discovery blog focused on Electro-swing and turntablism DJs.

Scratchytunes concept is pretty simple : no ads, pretty much no reviews... Only curated music, brought to you on a daily basis with the commitment that you won't hear all of those songs elsewhere.

The site offers 3 sections :

  • 5 tracks a day : 5 tracks thematics playlists published every two days with songs you probably never heard. Themes vary from Jazzy Hip-Hop, Chill Out music and Trip-Hop to, well of course Electro Swing and Turtablism DJs !
  • Electro Swing : Discover incredible Electro Swing artists on this section of the wall dedicated to Electro Swing
  • Turtablism : Discover incredible Turntable DJs on this section of the wall dedicated to Turntablism

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Click on any image of the music wall above, a playlist will automatically be created and played from your browser's window.

I use Tomahawk to build my playlists : it's basically a big hub that connects each song with it's soundcloud version, it's youtube video clip, it's spotify and grooveshark link... That means you can listen to every song choosing you preferred source. You'll find all the info on the tomahawk project website, and you can even manage you preferred source over here : http://toma.hk/settings.php

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